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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Chapters Due

Here we go a finished apothercary, ready to grant the emperors mercy and take the chapters due,
Forgeworld apothercary nice great to paint annoying to find you have yet another vial to paint but cool mini, trying to keep white smooth and defined, yeah that's designed to turn you into serial killer(i can here the voices they keep telling me TO BLEND, AAAARRRGGGHH) and we're back in the room. I know that you're supposed to water paints downto a milky consistency and do multiple layers but I'm lazy. Well I was lazy now I'm just a dad so I can blame it on that instead, and really all I want is good tabletop paint jobs, I'm never going to be golden demon, I'm good at this but not that good if I put a lot of time in I could maybe get a pin badge(which lets be honest would be cool) but the slayer sword is beyond my grasp and they don't even let you take it home now so bollocks to that. Here are some more pictures and thank god I have to do only one per company and this is the fourth of the present round so only six more to go.

And for your entertainment and education this is what happens if you pre-heat the oven having forgotten that you put the meat in there to defrost so the cats don't get at it.
If I don't post in the next four days call the police as I'm dead or seriously injured for sharing my wifes shame.

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  1. No need to call the police people.... He's just rage quite all gaming after his board mysteriously fell to pieces, so won't be around for a while.