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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Even more EPIC Dreadnought

Well in attempt to get my wife to paint her zombies i sat down and did some more work on the CONTEMPTOR, and managed to finish the blue, now whilst doing it I planned on taking a picture at each stage, but upon looking through the camera on my phone realised that there really wasn't that much difference so instead took pictures when I was done and explain how and possibly why(we'll see how this goes)
So even here it's hard to tell what I've done, although the piece of marketing tat has come out well.

 Anyway the base colour is Regal blue and mixed with in varying amounts P3's Frostbite till it's just Frostbite on its own. It's not  really showing on here but I've gone with an attempt at light source blending because of the circular body with some edge highlights instead of just edge. I'm still unsure how successful I've been but I'm used to not knowing how my figures turn out until they're nearly done, I always have a moment of "oh god I've fucked up my toy" before I'm done.
 This picture of the components gives a better idea of how it looks so next the metals which should bring the blues up, and the red and white. The scrolls and freehand will come after that and i'm trying to decide whether to chance my arm at a bit of paint chipping and battle damage.
I've taken the head of the base as I was just keeping it there so I didn't lose it but people seem to think I'd put it there on purpose as some kind of conversion kick in progress of a friends blood angels, this is not true the dead blood angels are on my eldar army where they belong. 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

I am a planker

And here we are back to the ship, because i cant start my next 300 points for the campaign if the ship doesn't  work. I've done this once already but i painted it black and it didn't look good, so now i want to try ink washing the balsa so i still get the look of wood. tried a couple of different mixes still not completely sold on any. Anyway pictures time
This was the first step, recut the spaces for movement trays this was originally built under 7th edition so the middle section was two single ranks of ten crossbow men one on a step that I've cut out but as we can now fire in two ranks that formation is a bit pointless. So I have swapped it to two two ranks of five units as you can see from the debris this took some fiddling. I've then set up all bases in movement trays and made sure they slide out easily( more hacky/slashy) and put glue on them.
Now I've planked the main deck (this did involve an amount of fucking around and swearing but not a large amount) and started cutting lines around the unit with a scalpel. This is a fiddly job and delicate because if you snap the balsa you have to replace the plank.
As you can see the units now slide out, these are at the moment just cut at ranks not bases, we'll see how well it works then. I've started planking the side and will add photos of that next time.
The glue i have used is Javis superglue (red top) and it's been working fine.