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Monday, 16 December 2013

EPIC conclusion

So I was updating apps on my phone the other day and generally pissing around when google + did something awesome AUTO AWESOME a name which pretty much does what it says it takes similar photographs and links them together into video giving you this.
 unfortunately the random blurry one sticks out like a sore thumb and it really could do with a way to adjust the speed but all in all auto awesome.

So CONTEMPTOR(still in capitals,still that epic) is finished tried some modest bits of battle damage,nothing over the top we are the Ultramarines after all and here they are.
not hugely convinced that i'm doing it right, but it doesn't look shit so we'll keep experimenting where I think it's appropriate. I'd intended on much more freehand on him but as I'd done the chapter symbol and his unit number he looked finished so I left it at that.
And the base is done...................
Now this is definitely one of those happy accident moments that I'm going to try to replicate, I'd washed the base and was feeling impatient so tried putting on the next highlight of grey which caused some interesting pooling effects but was to watery, so i dabbed it with kitchen roll to soak it up a bit and then started high lighting making sure each mix had the ink paint wash gunk in and dragged it along with a small flatbrush. Each successive highlight got streakier and gave a nice worn concrete look. Washes used are Nuln oil, agrax earthshade and whatever it's called camo shade with codex gray, then fortress gray then white.
So and finally a non spinning and less annoying version of the completed dreadnought.
 Next time something else I've got two units that have to be painted for the campaign, one thing that has to be made and painted for AGOM and some kingdom death stuff I want to try, must watch OSL tutorials when I can find some I like, I can find lots of OSL I like but no tutorials with an effect that looks anything like them. Essentially i want brush not air brush techniques any suggestions and links would be great(I'm busy I don't have time to trawl youtube)