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Thursday, 15 August 2013


So i wanted to do an honour guard for the captain  mainly because of the forgeworld reconnaissance marines, but 10th company doesn't have a command squad mainly because it's a fluid company units do not stay there and it size is based on recruits so many times it will be much larger than standard company size, they are training to become full battle brothers many will not survive or be elevated to full battle brother and become legion serfs. The only static part of the company are the sergeants the grizzled veterans of the chapter passing on there knowledge to the new generation and because of the variation in size of the company there are more than 10 of these, also with some specialised training officers such as Torias Telion. So the answer was to make the entire unit sergeants in game they will be sternguard but fluff wise they will be an honour guard of unattached sergeants from the company.
So figures
These figures are lovely to paint.

and here they are on the board with the storm raven.
Arrgh shiny flash proper pictures soon.

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