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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Kingdom Death NSFAW your starter for 10

So I've tried something new for the new for the kingdom death figures, white undercoat! All these good painters swear by it, so as these figures aren't exactly your average spack marine here we go.
So first the base the background I've read about the and the kickstarter video give me the impression of a kind of silent hill world but the characters don't know that a real world exists or who they are or why everything wants to eat them, there is no sun, no stars the only source of light is the lanterns you find when you wake up. But there are bits of random structure like this remnant of a brick wall  with plaster on the wall. So I wanted to make the wall  look like a old blackened red brick wall with mouldy plaster on the other side.

So now the first layers of paint on the figure.

There are all the base colours on and see I put the head on a pin like a real painter, get me there should be lots of stage by stage photos but there really wasn't that many in  fact this was all done in one evening so here is the finished figure.

So first one done next one is the pin up version of the twilight knight and then onto the satan twins with there armour(minimal) of tongues and the skirt of severed cocks. A lot of my time has been taken up with this though.
 New bookcase to release space for toys

And this also takes up a fair bit of my time but I don't have to paint these although I may do a couple Lukes Xwing is certainly getting an accurate paint job with R2.

If you've not played this game you're missing out it's simple to learn but a bugger to master, what all great strategy games should be.