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Sunday, 30 December 2012

And done, two months late but done.

So finally finished month two of GIMPS and yay! This will get upgraded to ten man squad the other four with thunder hammers. Painting these has been a real slog for no good reason, but has made me try a few new things and return to some old technics, namely drybrushing.
When you first start you dry brush because its the easy way to blend and highlight, then you learn how to blend and highlight in other ways that leave a more realistic finish and you sneer at your dry brushed work and if your a bit of a cock patronise those who still use it. Then you have one of those little lightbulb moments and realise that this is still a valid technique at any skill level for instance mine today was whilst doing the crux terminatus on terminators, for me they are always stone because thats what the original lore said. They where made of stone, containing a piece of the emporers throne so grey. Well I'm faffing around highlighting and blending and not getting the look and texture I want and "bing" drybrushing that will give me what I want in a fraction of the time and actually look like stone at the end.
So what do you think?

Still away

So night two, got quite a bit done this evening, all the basic colours are on and ink washed, last night I got the blue upto all but finished so tomorrow will be highlighting and detail. Also limiting my colours because there's only so much impractical to bring, does kind of make you paint better I feel. I've just got lazy because I have so many shades to hand. I haven't untouched the helmets yet, so I'll probably basecoat those tomorrow.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Painting away

Well I'm working away at the moment, so I thought I'd take some toys to paint. I've got 6 termites to paint and 2 techmarines let's see how this goes.