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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

To Daemon or not to Daemon

For some years now I've known that whilst I am quite a good painter, I'm no golden daemon painter, a lot of this is down to impatience, I want my toys to look pretty but I mostly want to play with them, and once they're done, I'm not overly precious with them(which is why a friend of mine still draws breath)  Anyway this year I've decided to give it a go with these bile trolls because they're great models(don't fecking rank up but great, bloody good work Steve Whitehead now get that Kdai finished) and I'm painting it a bit at a time (possibly because Arkham Origins is great) and really putting thought into my colour choices rather than seeing where I end up.

First up base colour
Looking through the green drawer, very playschool(you'll understand if you're old) I settled on GWs Deathworld Green base applied with only a little water to stop it clumping on detail.

Ink wash.
A lot of thought went into this as I knew I didn't want a green or a brown which were the obvious choices for disease and finally settled on a purple and after much faffing with watered down GW Druchi Voilet to give it a more bruised and painful look. That done it's time to start picking out detail.

Boils and muscle.
So watered down P3 sanguine base to pick out all the exposed muscle, boils and strained flesh managed to paint a few flies until I realised what they where and some grubs, what I did manage to resist was to base coat every section I think Working on flesh and muscle first will give me a better insight into what colours I should use for bone and metal.

Now I also got these things from Cog O Two and slapped some paint on them.
Very happy with how these turned out and generally a great product( shameless plug for good shit that happens to come from Manchester) If you get some and want to paint them LEAVE THE STICKERS ON, it will make you look amazing when you remove them and your tokens and templates are perfectley painted with no overspill.

Well back to Daemoning lets see how we go.