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Monday, 13 January 2014

This is just a quick one whilst I'm sat waiting for anything to happen work( I may have been forgotten about,wouldn't be the first time)

The pallet

I wanted the armour to look enameled for protection against the sea, so I had a look on the internets to see what the finish looked like and found out there was no such thing really, enamel was far to expensive and fragile to use on anything but dress armour for the ultra rich of the time, so I had to make a look up. I didn't want to just ardcoat and have shiny armour, I wanted a satin look and I think I got it. I used old purple ink mixed with ardcoat and watered down, and the result is above.
I've also re-done the boots darker to be in keeping with the rest of the army done the green clothing, and the steel just doing the brass at the moment then it's flesh and hair and freehand.
And finally from auto awesome Blaise bench pressing(that bar is 10kg naked) strong little bugger isn't he.