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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Burn baby burn

So we have a finished storm here.
Yes that flamer was a right royal pain in the arse to do had to use scout biker arms and  cut off after the greaves and then green stuff the arms, not my best arms but scout arms are fairly forgiving as all you have to do is get shape and do folds.

Theres a little bit more to do on the base but that's a, if i have time at the end bit.

There are two more to do at the end of the project for army use rather than armies on parade I've got a couple of good ideas on what to do with them. I've been using the brass etch symbols for this company to go with what is already painted rather than free hand and I've learnt an important lesson for putting them on vehicles, don't use thicker super glue, it just builds around the edge and leaves horrible lumps you have to slice out. Thin super glue is the answer if your using Javis glue the yellow lid not the red lid.
Now here comes the boss, i know I've already done the captain of the 10th but he's only in charge Torias Telion is the scout company.
So here they are base coated and washed ready for painting after a fuck up with the camo. Now I've painted this scheme a lot so I should get it right , but tonight i decided to paint brown rectangles with black ones over the top rather than as you can see here black with brown. I looked at it whilst I was painting and knew something was wrong but couldn't work out what, then just as I was adding the white dots the penny dropped, and no the pattern does not work the other way round there is no sense of depth or breaking of lines, there's just random rectangles with dots on them, did not look spiffy. So I'll do a chunk more on these tomorrow and hopefully finish them on Friday. Then it's AGOM( A Gathering of Might) my clubs tournament so I'll take pickies and up load them and tell you how well my Brets are doing, I may have to give them a bit of love on Friday too.

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