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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Catch up time

Well I've got under a week to go and quite a lot to do,  still left to paint 1 chaplain, 10-30 scouts depending on how it looks(the board is getting quite busy now, finish off objective marker finish last hidden pathfinder, and weathering powder board and do posters for inside of building. Now finished the close combat scouts.

and the scout bikes and quad gun, which haven't uploaded yet so no more pictures except this one. Robyn has decided to continue in the theme of burning shit accidently and here are the remains of our kettle.
Now to be fair the whistle fell off this kettle in the first week, so you have to be listening for it, and the dishwasher was on at the time, but she did put the kettle on and forgot about it thankfully we still had the electric one as a back up(I can not survive without tea and if I'm going down you're all coming with me). 
The army had it's first outing on Thursday as well, a 40k in 40 minutes 500 point tournament, where i managed to come second, and learned that landspeeder storms come with heavy flamers,thats it do not bother with anything else HEAVY FLAMERS WHOOOSSSHHH mmm crispy. So more picture tomorrow and hopefully finished squad and chaplain.

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  1. Wow..... Thanks for sharing this... And "continue in the theme of burning shit", does this mean that there's a picture of the mince in your previous post? (and if it had been the dishwasher I probably would have heard it, it was the dryer and the washing machine)