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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The aftermath

Well we went  and I took a photo of our first game and that was about it. I got nominated for shiniest toys, didn't win but got nominated. Rich Packer won (boo hiss) no actually Rich is really good and his army is really striking. I took piccies of all the armies in the cabinets so we'll see how good they look.
 Other peoples
 Tris and Carls we played this in game two. It beat us

 The winner

 Not the winner but lots of nice comments

So quick run down of the games game 1 double Warriors of Chaos, meeting engagemant

First shot of the game the treb lands right on target on the warriors who break hit the hell cannon go on through and bounce over and off the board, then big spiny monster next too it gets shot off the table by poison arrows, how can we lose? Well it took us 5 more turns but we found a way.

Game 2 daemons and warriors Tris and Carl, watchtower, we lost due to the jamminess of Tris's lord  who always ran just far enough but not off the board and always bloody rallied. and Carls remaining 2 horrors in the watch tower just wouldn't die.
Game 3 Tom and Dan, Blood and Glory I have never seen anyone have so many things go wrong in a game, not even myself and i've had some legendary ones as Neil Kerr and his Ork Nob Bikers will testify to ( over 100 bloody shots all hitting on a maximum of 3 and I caused 1 wound, 1 WOUND! not bitter though), they broke in turn 2 after most of there army had died or run off in turn 1 and where tabled by turn 4, they where however perfect gentlemen about it and never sulked or got arsey.

Day Two started like this
and was followed by game 4, which coincidently was also Nurgle themed.
Game 2 warriors/ daemons, battleline, big block of warriors, huge block of plauge bearers with Epy and Dragon ogres, beasts of nurgle and nurglings just to make life hard, turn 1 reign of chaos, the dark prince two of my units of knights get blasted one down to three men fail their panic test and run of the table, one down to one man stays but i have bugger all for him to do now, Oh cock and other associated slannesh probings next turn same again but no wounds and then somehow we won and won big. Still not sure how.

So game 5 night goblins/chaos dwarfs, dawn attack, 93 bowmen 2 flame cannons 2 spear chukas(which do D3 wounds not D6 as my opponent was claiming) a rock lobba and a squig lobba 3 wizards 20 chaos dwarfs and 4 bull centaurs a game of much faffing and messing and artillery that ended in a draw and a good one at that. I'm not a fan of flame cannons. 
Well i'm back now and i had a good time in all my games so tonight i started something new,
and a cool mini or not owl which is going to require a lot of work filling those chasm size gaps.
Robyn had her first go as the marines on Tuesday and won( she may be still bragging about it)

Monday, 5 May 2014

Yeah done and 4 whole days to go!

They're done all 1000 points and free wood and extra unit that i can't fit in now because the new book came out buggered up my plan but it's all done even re-basing the Brets so they match. And here are the last few bits, first the Spellweaver.
 See how she dances

and then the free wood

so that's them and here is the other 1000pts my Brets.
 Also now snow based so all done, if I feel in the mood i might do a new lord for my Brets but it's unlikely, I got both these armies on release and bought the army deal box with the limited edition standard for each. I painted the Brets six years ago and the Welves now and i'm going to finish the models I have and get some of the new ones and glade riders because, ambush! I imagine ebay is going slightly crazy now but paint what I've got first then some stags I think. But next a small break and some campaign playing. Although there will be much updating from the doubles or battle brothers or whatever they call it now.  For the Lady and Crystal Mere onwards to glory.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

New fecking book

So I have a new book, a better book, a balanced book in which from the quick reads I've had seems to be a book of no single list but lots of variety, no to wood elf armies need be the same except in one respect, it is a glass hammer. But it is a fucking pointy one. This however leaves me very little time for blah as the wood now needs to be bigger, so here are the progress shots of the waywatchers
Base coats and ink on all colours but white
Highlights on all colours but whites

First layer of basing

More highlights on all colours but white

white base colour and from now on front rank are in new highlight and back rank are in preceding shade

next shade down

next shade down

difference between shade above and shade below

next shade down

next shade down

final step

finish basing

don't go down to the woods today

So now left to do we have the spellweaver whi is now base coated and inked
and the woods which are now a full citadel wood not a six inch circle

and here's what you do when you have spare green stuff