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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Armies on Parade

So the work begins the bikes have done me very well over the last few years, but it's time for something new. I have a shiny new Eldar book on it's way so my oldest army will have to get it's self back on the horse and off to war(dear god that Wraithknight is pretty) but i won't be buying anything but the book for now or nothing will get done.
 So on to the theme Ultramarines(there's a shocker) 10th Company is going to be the thing and is the new marine list I'm working on. The board is going to be an extension of the bits i've already done for my scouts and flyers so it will be imperial cityscape dominated by a big old cathedral, with the scouts clearing the Tau pathfinders from the area and re-taking the sector. I was going to enter this last year but with moving and work it was not even close to being done. Which is good because i got a look at last years entries and realised i had to up my game somewhat.
So piccies here's where we are at.
This is the base of the cathedral, which will be fully roofed with internal support walls, the this will sit on top.
The final look of the building finish should be something like this test panel.

So here goes lets see it get finished this year,and it will have the dual purpose of providing more painted scenery for games at home and a new painted army that is miles from any of my others. This army sets up no models in deployment, it either infiltrates, outflanks or flies in from reserve. But apart from two fliers and six marines is all in scout armour.
On the board itself will be more than the 1500point army I've designed, but all the toys that go along with the 10th company.

Monday, 20 May 2013

After the dust had settled

So here is the completed army for Godin

And here is what i took

So the final standings where Godin's Dark Angels 1 win 2 draws 2 losses.
Darren with his Blood Angels 2 wins 3 losses.
And me with the very effective list above, a tournament winning list on several occasions, I managed to snatch defeat from the jaws from victory in all 5 games. Oh yeah I rock, so what now well there's a storm raven that's sa
t waiting for me to build it and i've got to top the storm talon, oh which won engine of legend(best 
tank) and another tournament at warhammer world without a best army nomination, time to up my game. With that in mind and armies on parade coming up the next project is Ultramarines 10th company(scouts) So more very soon.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

And Finally......

Here they are in all there spangliness the Deathwing Kinights.
That is it! Army complete based, magnetised if i feel up for it tomorrow may add some weathering powder but for now, Done!
So Darren, Godin and Myself will be at warhammer world from friday for throne of skulls
Darren Blood Angels featuring obviously Mephistofex
Godin Dark Angels featuring all the toys i've painted for him
And me Justin Ultramarines featuring bikes and budgies(death from the skies, yes i cam humming ride of the valkyries whilst playing you, Just nod smile and pass the bourbon)
Full pictures of our armies from throne on monday plus other pretties and how we did.
And now i sleep until a toddler wakes me up with his face an inch away from mine night.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The end is nigh

So here we go we're almost there, which is good because it's throne of skulls is this weekend!
So I've added all the squad markings to the 2nd tactical squad and tidied up and added extra detail to the drop pod.
So looking good there and last night i finished the ravenwing squad here we are.

Not really happy with the wings yet, but they'll do for now. I'll revisit them if time allows.
Now onto the final squad the Deathwing knights, these are based coloured and ink washed, so tournament legal, just want to get them on a level with the rest, then i can check my army and make sure it's not missing any pieces.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Dreadnoughts and Disasters

So i've been working away this week in the south west, which has been an unpleasant experience as the local  is deeply unpleasant and played merry hell with me. Anyway i finished tactical squad 2 all but the squad numbers and free hand.
And the sergeant who is the dark vengeance captain with a head from the veterans sprue.

Then i moved onto the drop pod that caused the biggest problem of the week and almost gave me a heart attack. So it started like this.
And i'm painting away, dry brushing on scorch marks   couple of pots of paint open(there's an error here)
and then the drop pod is quite suddenly like this.
And a pot of wurm green(really quite bright and vivid i use it for highlight) is propelled across the room and over my red hotel carpet.(i may have made a noise that defies the alphabet).  so thankfully it's scotchguarded so i'm pouring water onto the carpet and using my shirt to mop it up and its working, oh crap there's more over there and there how did it get that far. 
It's on my jeans and i'm slowly painting more carpet as i clean up these bits. So that realised off come the jeans, oh shit green footprints in the bathroom trainers in the sink wash them and finally done. Heart attack over. Time to put toys away.
Now i'm home so i've finished this guy bar the name scroll still waiting for that only two units left to do for friday.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Lots of progress tonight

So quite a bit done this evening, first up the scout squad, led by Veteran Sergeant Namaan. I got him off ebay a while ago for my smurf scout army but  i decided that he should go to his home in the dangles in Godins army.
He has had a sniper rifle modeled of to satisfy any WYSIWYG nazis just in case, but they are thankfully a dying breed. probably due to the lack of breeding opportunities.
And finally just to make a bit of progress with the new units the dreadnought ride.
One big lump of resin the forge world drop pod.
Outside needs a lot of work inside nearly done.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Late night devastation

So been a while since i did this and hopefully much longer before i do it again but i had to finish these.
So here we have one devastator squad, this is four rocket launchers with the flak upgrade.( not a fan of these with my death budgies but hey ho)
And here a close of the sergeant
And the first two marines
and the last two marines 

at some point i'm sure i'll end up painting the rest of the squad(ablative armour) to complete the list

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tactical Squad 1 and Kit Bash Dreadnought

So tactical squad 1 is complete and is shown in it's shininess below
And here is the sergeant close up
And the squad from another angle
and now to the dreadnought i came to make this dread  from the various bits of dread sprues i've had lying around for years, and couldn't find them all! COCK! Right then  i have a built dread missing pieces i have pieces, okay multi melta from black reach, WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T FUCKING FIT ON A NORMAL DREADNOUGHT TORSO! COCK! Razor saw, twat around , cut front of sarcophagus off , cut legs of cut more bloody torso off, fit legs bend toes, find shin pads, turner hammer into scythe, BOLLOCKS NO HEAVY FLAMER ARMS! COCK! okay cut off bolter find heavy flamer in bits box stick fuel tanks on back. Oooooooh Chain , cool doesn't look twatty. right attach banner, yep that works  NEED Scrolls. Got them cool and that'll do.
And there you go welcome to my thought process.
Needs shin pads sticking on but they'll go on once the legs are painted.