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Sunday, 11 August 2013

The raven hasn't landed

So here's the budgie for the centre of the board.
Okay i've got a little further than that. So the challenge is to have this thing in a flying position without the flying stand clear stick, which i understand is great and far better than earlier flying stands but is still a great big x of plastic.
So here we are a little further on.
it may look finished but nothing is glued in place and it's not as "bing" as the flash makes it look but whats holding it up?
So lets have some of the base.
big dread on a base, and from the rear
The concrete blocks are the excess resin from forgeworld sprues these each had a bits of dreadnought drop pod on them and they're the small ones, no wonder their prices are so high.
And now the completed article.
but how does it fly?
Seriously whats keeping this thing in the air?
Come on hows it floating.
It's since this photo been slightly re-positioned and is on the board, next is the 10th company honour guard.

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