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Monday, 9 February 2015

Am go'in 'untin

So today's toys are brought to you from the depths of Trandoshan, now I know they are hunters and believe in their personal tally, but I wanted to see if there was any kind of ranking system for the level of hunters and i found, bugger all some basic history between them and the Wookies that they are from a planet in the same system but nowt on their hierarchy, so I made it up what I did notice was that in the cartoons the lower level grunts where in darker colours  and the higher level one where in brighter colours and I came up with this. 
When you start out as a low level hunter you wear the darker camo gear as a sign of your inexperience these are the colours of shame and as you progress you can wear brighter colours as your skills in the hunt surpass the need of such trivial things as camouflage as your prey has no chance of escaping you. Now as Bossk is in yellow with a white vest, and at some point we're bound to get a Bossk figure I didn't want to make the red card troopers that colour, what I have done is make the vest the yellow of Bossk's suit and with the lower level ones I've made their vest the same colour as the elite units suit to show a pattern of promotion in the hunt( pick whatever colours you want for this remember I've made this shit up) And now to pictures.
 I basecoated the whole figure. The skin on both units is P3 Ordic Olive the darker suit is GW Orkhide Shade foundation paint and the vest and suit of the higher level is GW Gretchen Green foundation paint with the elite vest in GW Iyanden Sun foundation paint. Back pack are GW Calthan Brown foundation paint. You can't buy the GW foundation paints anymore but there is a handy conversion chart on there page to the equivalent newer range alternative.The gun is in P3 Thamar Black.
 I then coated the lot in GW Agrax Earthshade
 And then went over the clothing with a thin layer of the base colour and lightly drybrushed  the skin with the P3 Ordic Olive. Try to drybrush against the scales and for each successive coat of drubrush keep to the same direction to build it the shading graduation.
 And from the side

 I then worked solely on the skin hightlight the green by mixing the P3 Ordic Olive with GW Zandri Dust to lighten and give that hint towards the browning of the scales that the more experienced characters seem to have in the clone wars cartoons.
 Steadily lighten them  but make the elite squad lighter  just do this in  lighter and lighter mixes until you're happy with the result.
 Now to the boiler suits the GW Orkhide Shade was mixed with GW Gretchen green to lighten the shade for highlights on the boiler suit.
 I only did two highlight stages as I didn't want to bring the colour up to high. (these are the grunts)
 I then did the vests on the grunts and the boiler suits on the elites at the same time so that they were highlighted in the same colours.  I mixed GW Gretchen Green with GW Nurgling Green in  larger and larger amounts to get the highlighting.
 And lighter
 And lighter
  I then went onto the elite vest which was GW Iyanden Sun highlighted first with a mix of that and GW Bad Moon Yellow  and then by adding P3 Morrow White to the mix
 I did a couple of layers here and there is the link to the Bossk level of Trandoshan(remember this is not how you have to paint them I've made this shit up)
 Now the Eyes where painted black and then using P3 Ember Orange  I filled in either side leaving a small black wedge for the pupil. If this goes wrong you can paint the entire eye yellow and paint a line down the centre. I've also drybrushed the guns with a bit of GW Leadbelcher
 Now the Packs and straps are highlighted first with GW Calthan Brown and Then  mixture of that and P3 Bloodtracker Brown

 These are then further highlighted by adding GW Zandri Dust to the mix till you're happy with the tones.

 Then I picked out the buckles in GW Brass Scorpion and covered the guns with a drybrush of it too. One of the things I did find was that Trandoshan is technologically backward due to embargoes set in  place by the Old Republic and enforced by the Wookies due to their raing and slaving of Kashykk, this meant less shiny metals and more cheap alloys for weaponry and buckles hence the bronze instead of steel.(or star wars equivalents)

 And finally i painted the edge of the base black and weathered them at some point I also painted the moths which was in GW Mephiston Red highlighted with P3 Morrow White. It has been some weeks since I painted these but Blogger and G+ seem to be going through a domestic.

Now I've done this I feel I can get onto the rebels so hopefully I'll have them done this week then it's probably back to 40K for either space clowns(but they're not winning me over yet, which is not good for a codex I've waited 20 years for) Grey Knights (mmmm) or Militarum Temputus Using the Raging Heroes Iron Empire figures that are arriving finally from a kickstarter some time ago. Warhammer is on hold pending retirement due to not actually knowing what the fuck is going on and as good as endtimes has been it has also killed most of my personal armies and backgrounds off( Seriously my Bretonnia lord named and repeatedly killed for all eternity by Heinrich Kemmler, My temple city removed by the a misjudged comet of cassandora, My dark elf pirate last seen mortally wounded being dragged from the field of battle still frothing about Khaine and nothing has bee  said about my snowy bit of Athel Loren but as it is Adjoined to My bit of Bretonnia(Quenelles) It ain't looking good, so we'll see what happens.