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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Chapters Due

Here we go a finished apothercary, ready to grant the emperors mercy and take the chapters due,
Forgeworld apothercary nice great to paint annoying to find you have yet another vial to paint but cool mini, trying to keep white smooth and defined, yeah that's designed to turn you into serial killer(i can here the voices they keep telling me TO BLEND, AAAARRRGGGHH) and we're back in the room. I know that you're supposed to water paints downto a milky consistency and do multiple layers but I'm lazy. Well I was lazy now I'm just a dad so I can blame it on that instead, and really all I want is good tabletop paint jobs, I'm never going to be golden demon, I'm good at this but not that good if I put a lot of time in I could maybe get a pin badge(which lets be honest would be cool) but the slayer sword is beyond my grasp and they don't even let you take it home now so bollocks to that. Here are some more pictures and thank god I have to do only one per company and this is the fourth of the present round so only six more to go.

And for your entertainment and education this is what happens if you pre-heat the oven having forgotten that you put the meat in there to defrost so the cats don't get at it.
If I don't post in the next four days call the police as I'm dead or seriously injured for sharing my wifes shame.

Monday, 26 August 2013

After the dust has settled

So as i said Saturday did not go well, so first up woodies against Tim the enchanter who i've met at few tournies and is a nice bloke and good player, so it all looked good we set up and i'd worked out what i needed to do win which was get rid of his bloody bug block of tree kin. So grail knight bus pointed at it with lord and friends and the possibility of up to a 26" charge that i can re roll, i got a 7 and i had to re roll to get it that high so trundled forward  4" so turn comes round again this time we're 17" apart we're off, we're off, we're not off, bugger so next turn i get charged i can still take them all i have to do is roll a 3 more to hit, no, no, no, oh. ah well 1 up re rollable armour save on the general! Yeah i can re roll ones. and the day went down hill from there, except for a lone unit standard bearer winning combat against 16 dryads and running them down(it's a game of dice). I saw Tim at the end and he asked how my day went and had to tell him that my best dice of the day were against him. Next oppponent was Aran from our club with Orcs and Goblins, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, just no when two lances of nights with all the killy characters  hit an Orc unit there should be no Orc unit left nobody told the Orcs that, and a unit champion who failed to wound a night goblin wizard in two rounds of a challenge or to be fair even hit with double one double one. And the last game was the two free demon princes in turns 1 and 2 coupled with me rolling double 1 for the winds of magic on three consecutive turns. Sulk mode on well not too much 3 really good games against thoroughly nice guys.
So day 2 high elves a game i won because my opponents dice were worse than mine, a lovely ammerican guy from over in Harrogate whose name I can't remember, next more high elves and my general finally gets it together spells right charge right giving him a ridiculous 7 strength 10 attacks when hit the opposing cavalry(not bad for a posh bloke on horse)he removed six on his own and the units killed the other 10, he then proceeded to get his unit of grail knights(you know the uber hard ones decimated in combat by high elf archers, who'd already killed the knights of the realm in combat, the shame.
And finally Chaos dwarfs can I get a win to make 3 and 3 heres a photo halfway through
you see those knights that have the big thing in the side of them they're not long for this world, however they are long enough for this world for me to get the rest of my army the fuck out of dodge. which gives me a narrow victory and it's 3 and 3. Again a day of really nice opponents who were there to play toy soldiers because that's what they enjoy doing and don't spend the day complaining how the rules shouldn't work like this and it's all Matt Wards fault that the book he didn't write is over powered.
Oh also got nominated for best painted with my Brets which was nice as they have been doing the rounds for some years now, but best painted went to Dan Quirk who regularly beats me at thi sand has now brought his brother along to rub salt into the wounds with his pretty armies too, didn't get any pictures because i'm rubbish but they are on facebook on the, A gathering of might page. 
Now back to the 10th company tonight we have a base coated and washed apothercary
and a basecoated and washed scout squad

and an apothercary with his first layer on to bring him up to white.
He's one of the forgeworld apothercaries  and he is lovely, the necron abyss went bit light whilst basecoating the scouts no idea why but it is the dregs of the pot so bin for that one , and we'll see how it goes tomorrow.
Oh and quick one my bowmen only managed to kill a goblin fanatic all weekend and there 5 point upgrade to flaming just gave every target they picked a 2 up ward save, i'll leave it in future but they've gone away now with the rest until i get a new book, now that i have a lizardmen book i can play without feeling like a twat.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

It's not going as planned.

It would appear the dice gods don't respect the Gods of true metal, this is where we are.
 npw i do love $)k but this is a warhammer tournament and my Brets aren't rocking it today maybe tomorrow will be better,maybe tomorrow my opponent won't change both his characters into demon princes in the first two turns, maybe. Pictures tomorrow and less sulking.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Manowar born to live for evermore.

So the most important part of this board Torias Telion and his squad,

so here was last nights progress basecoated  the squad got the basing painted and then a wash of nuln oil and hey presto.

 And this evening has been the finishing off, here they are front, back and above.

and here is a close up of the man himself, i really enjoyed painting this guy one of the best figures they've ever produced.
 And here they are in situ since this photo shuffled them round a bit  but still on this building, I like Telion on the highest point surveying the area.

 And to round of the evening I tidied up my Bretonnians for tomorrow who are clearly showing he signs of five years of tournaments, but I'm still happy with them. i've been listening to Team Rock Radio this evening whilst painting and I'd been thinking these guys have had there day, this weekend I'm not expecting great things, but then as I got them out and started repairing them there theme tune came on. Manowar Battlehymn if you don't know this song google it, it is the epitome of a Bretonnian  calvary charge.
So now the gods of true metal are on my side, the dice gods have been warned tp be onthere best behavior,
 So Sound the charge into glory rideeeeeeeeeeeee, over the top of their vanquished prideeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Burn baby burn

So we have a finished storm here.
Yes that flamer was a right royal pain in the arse to do had to use scout biker arms and  cut off after the greaves and then green stuff the arms, not my best arms but scout arms are fairly forgiving as all you have to do is get shape and do folds.

Theres a little bit more to do on the base but that's a, if i have time at the end bit.

There are two more to do at the end of the project for army use rather than armies on parade I've got a couple of good ideas on what to do with them. I've been using the brass etch symbols for this company to go with what is already painted rather than free hand and I've learnt an important lesson for putting them on vehicles, don't use thicker super glue, it just builds around the edge and leaves horrible lumps you have to slice out. Thin super glue is the answer if your using Javis glue the yellow lid not the red lid.
Now here comes the boss, i know I've already done the captain of the 10th but he's only in charge Torias Telion is the scout company.
So here they are base coated and washed ready for painting after a fuck up with the camo. Now I've painted this scheme a lot so I should get it right , but tonight i decided to paint brown rectangles with black ones over the top rather than as you can see here black with brown. I looked at it whilst I was painting and knew something was wrong but couldn't work out what, then just as I was adding the white dots the penny dropped, and no the pattern does not work the other way round there is no sense of depth or breaking of lines, there's just random rectangles with dots on them, did not look spiffy. So I'll do a chunk more on these tomorrow and hopefully finish them on Friday. Then it's AGOM( A Gathering of Might) my clubs tournament so I'll take pickies and up load them and tell you how well my Brets are doing, I may have to give them a bit of love on Friday too.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

bugger,bastard, twat

So Robyn is out for the evening at her mates birthday, the boy is in bed, I've cleaned up the kitchen I can now get my painting board out and continue my captain. So I open the door to the under stair cupboard and for no reason at all the board that has been perfectly comfortable for the past months decides to through itself at the floor, covering me in dirty paint water and everything near by including my lightsabers.................

Somewhere in the distance i can here a chanting about skulls as I look around for something to hit that I won't have to fix later,so angry but not completely homicidal, but angry enough that Rory(one of our two cats Rory and Amy named by Blaise bit of a doctor who fan there) has decided that legging it is not an option and the only safe option is to sit very still and avoid eye contact. Well we have paints everywhere Winsor and Newton brushes with splayed tips on the floor and tool boxes the squad that was on the board all over the place and the captain who has been basecoated, washed and had the first two layers of highlight done in his component parts and crucially missing his head, aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!
so an hour and halfs worth of tidying later(still no fucking head) I can begin to start luckily I have a spare of the figure from an ebay lot so spare head  quick undercoat and i'll deal with you when the rest of the figures done.

Better pictures this time but still with a camera phone when I've done the bulk of the army i'll get the grown up camera out and take a lot of pictures, i've done some nice work on the skin that doesn't show up on these pictures giving the impression of stubbly white hair on his scalp and chin that I'm quite happy with. 
Oh and to add injury to insult, i have either bruised badly or broken my little toe by catching it on something in the evening not hard or hugely painful at the time but I realised when Robyn got home that the pain hadn't dissipated at all and it'd been over five hours since i stubbed it so currently tapped up which has made it some what better, this is after she moved it to see if it hurt(fuck me it did) and it didn't go back in place properly, waling today has not been fun and as I'm working in the lakes at DEFRA sites tomorrow, well lets see how that goes. 
Next three landspeeder storms only one of which is for the board so only one will be based, there are two going on it but i'm utilising an already completed figure for that see you soon.

Thursday, 15 August 2013


So i wanted to do an honour guard for the captain  mainly because of the forgeworld reconnaissance marines, but 10th company doesn't have a command squad mainly because it's a fluid company units do not stay there and it size is based on recruits so many times it will be much larger than standard company size, they are training to become full battle brothers many will not survive or be elevated to full battle brother and become legion serfs. The only static part of the company are the sergeants the grizzled veterans of the chapter passing on there knowledge to the new generation and because of the variation in size of the company there are more than 10 of these, also with some specialised training officers such as Torias Telion. So the answer was to make the entire unit sergeants in game they will be sternguard but fluff wise they will be an honour guard of unattached sergeants from the company.
So figures
These figures are lovely to paint.

and here they are on the board with the storm raven.
Arrgh shiny flash proper pictures soon.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

The raven hasn't landed

So here's the budgie for the centre of the board.
Okay i've got a little further than that. So the challenge is to have this thing in a flying position without the flying stand clear stick, which i understand is great and far better than earlier flying stands but is still a great big x of plastic.
So here we are a little further on.
it may look finished but nothing is glued in place and it's not as "bing" as the flash makes it look but whats holding it up?
So lets have some of the base.
big dread on a base, and from the rear
The concrete blocks are the excess resin from forgeworld sprues these each had a bits of dreadnought drop pod on them and they're the small ones, no wonder their prices are so high.
And now the completed article.
but how does it fly?
Seriously whats keeping this thing in the air?
Come on hows it floating.
It's since this photo been slightly re-positioned and is on the board, next is the 10th company honour guard.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Further progress

So board has been textured last night and painted tonight.
And then with some washes to tone down the greys and dirty it up.
and a close up of the pathway,
and now form behind.

and after a bit of mutilation....can you tell what it is yet?