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Sunday, 22 January 2012

A return to normal service?

So christmas is done, work continues and i have finally built nearly all my figures.
So now the construction is all but done and today i have magnetised all my models andi have completed a test minature which is on my free wood( that has become my oh fuck not like that area ) so onto some figures.

After some wise advicefrom the forums i have decided to paint the cloaks separately, there are acouple of figures were i had already stuck the cloaks on but i'll just have to struggle with them.
And while i waited for the wash to dry i attacked the movement tray

Sunday, 8 January 2012

now with pictures

gamezone eagles

So here's the latest bit i've started some Eagle/Warhawk riders and i've gone with gamezone windriders because they are the most anatomically correct for eagles unlike everyone else's GW really need to update theirs it's showing its age.
The only problem is gamezones apparent lack of quality control, if you've ever built one you'll know what i mean.
the black paint covers a lot of green stuff on the right hand eagle which was the worst to do but none went together well but i knew this going in.
This is them based and inked.
and here is the based and inked test glade guard, it will be going on the free wood tree.
Oh look mold line @#*%ing ARSE

Monday, 2 January 2012

So a bit of a slow month with christmas, i can't really slope off and hide in the corner when so much needs doing but it has let me get on with the mind numbing tasks that i need for an army. mainly the creation of skirmish bases as shown here.
They're a 20mm square surrounded by a 1/4 inch strip so when you put them together they are 1/2 an inch apart like so.
i've also started on the free wood here it is base coated  and inked.
You may have noticed it's a bit smaller that's because when i measured it diagonally i was somewhat over the maximum allowed(due to me being a bit shit) anyway i have now painted and flocked it and it loooks like this.
I think there is probably too much snow on here but i'll see toady when it's dried fully. I've used two different snow flocks for the effect. Treemendus snow which is a ground cork for the base and bulk and it settles nicely in the grass flock and Games Workshop snow which is a fibre flock on the top to give a fluffy look. It's come out quite well neither where what i wanted alone but the mixture has given a realistic snow effect.
The only issue now is that the water i mixed the pva with wasn't clean enough and it's coloured the snow so i'll have to redo the top layer again.
So any thoughts?