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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

It's been a while

So it's been a while, but work has been progressing (so slowly) I'm not really a dark elf player and I'm not enjoying painting them, I have no dark side according to Robyn. But work is progressing and I will finish the project and then Robyn will have something other than witch elves in her main army. Robyn is vamping along for the campaign and doing well. So corsairs lets have a look.

 These are done and i'm okay with them, the ship is coming on nicely.

So far so good!
The Stern is complete

Deck complete 

Hull and bow complete

Planking of ship COMPLETE! Now to get wood to bend and you do that with steam. Whenever you see some cunningly twisted piece of wood it's been done with steam gentle but continuous pressure to twist it the left to set, so a pan of hot water and continuous pressure and,

Some success, not complete but better than it was. About a third of the planks cracked at the bow but not snapped, it was clear though that the thinness of the balsa was not going to take it all the way round  so the ships going to get a ram. On to painting and after trying various combinations of inks to test pieces in the end I went and got a pot of varnish from B and Q, this is the first coat.

bits where I've dribble super glue are being  a problem there's more on deck.

 3 more coats and now we have a dark ship and corsairs ready to go on.
We are coming for you people, Booty! and the hero is done now there is nothing wrong with him but I'm just not happy with him.

What do you think? Next woodies for doubles.