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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Only 3 days late

Well month 1 of the GIMPS challenge complete.
So with them being scouts i thought this would be a perfect chance to try out some weathering powders, i have generally ignored these before on the basis of can't be arsed and some general sneering about deliberately throwing dust at my models.
But now it's time to eat my words, it looks cool, there are just some things you can't do with paint but less is definitely more.

They'll be making there debut at showdown along with the original 5 man scout squad for my bike army, the colours are not quite the same but they work together the skin is probably the biggest difference, dueto my discovery of the circle P3 flesh tones.

Thursday, 27 September 2012


So month 1 of the GIMPS challenge close but not finished
librarian finished and scouts are a scruffy tabletop but not remotely finished that will happen this evening.  So i continue with models needed for Autumn showdown at the North West Gaming Centre (Shameless plug) both of these are possible additions to the list.

But something else is lurking on the table today(which is probably why these scouts haven't been finished)

all i'm saying is dum de de dum dum, Dum De De Dum Dum, DUM DE DE DUM DUM, dum de de dum!

The progress so far

This was 10 this morning

based and undercoated
now at 12 they looked like this
based coated and washed
 lets see if i make it for tonight.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

I've picked up a brush again yay!

So Curis has set up a monthly painting challenge on GIMPS.

So here we go plus i need to get some stuff painted for October 14th for Autumn showdown to make my 1500 bike army up to 1750.

First up the librarian gets finished finally not my best work the green stuff robes on the legs aren't great and the yellow just refused to play nice so for now it's done but may get redone in the future(way in the future)

Overall i'm quite happy with the pose although i appear to have picked a weapon type not covered in sixth edition(hope that doesn't mean my Repentia mistress loses her power whips come new codex time) so we'll see what people think it should be i'm leaning towards maul at the moment. Tomorrow scouts(on foot) people will put objectives on upper floors.