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Monday, 26 August 2013

After the dust has settled

So as i said Saturday did not go well, so first up woodies against Tim the enchanter who i've met at few tournies and is a nice bloke and good player, so it all looked good we set up and i'd worked out what i needed to do win which was get rid of his bloody bug block of tree kin. So grail knight bus pointed at it with lord and friends and the possibility of up to a 26" charge that i can re roll, i got a 7 and i had to re roll to get it that high so trundled forward  4" so turn comes round again this time we're 17" apart we're off, we're off, we're not off, bugger so next turn i get charged i can still take them all i have to do is roll a 3 more to hit, no, no, no, oh. ah well 1 up re rollable armour save on the general! Yeah i can re roll ones. and the day went down hill from there, except for a lone unit standard bearer winning combat against 16 dryads and running them down(it's a game of dice). I saw Tim at the end and he asked how my day went and had to tell him that my best dice of the day were against him. Next oppponent was Aran from our club with Orcs and Goblins, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, just no when two lances of nights with all the killy characters  hit an Orc unit there should be no Orc unit left nobody told the Orcs that, and a unit champion who failed to wound a night goblin wizard in two rounds of a challenge or to be fair even hit with double one double one. And the last game was the two free demon princes in turns 1 and 2 coupled with me rolling double 1 for the winds of magic on three consecutive turns. Sulk mode on well not too much 3 really good games against thoroughly nice guys.
So day 2 high elves a game i won because my opponents dice were worse than mine, a lovely ammerican guy from over in Harrogate whose name I can't remember, next more high elves and my general finally gets it together spells right charge right giving him a ridiculous 7 strength 10 attacks when hit the opposing cavalry(not bad for a posh bloke on horse)he removed six on his own and the units killed the other 10, he then proceeded to get his unit of grail knights(you know the uber hard ones decimated in combat by high elf archers, who'd already killed the knights of the realm in combat, the shame.
And finally Chaos dwarfs can I get a win to make 3 and 3 heres a photo halfway through
you see those knights that have the big thing in the side of them they're not long for this world, however they are long enough for this world for me to get the rest of my army the fuck out of dodge. which gives me a narrow victory and it's 3 and 3. Again a day of really nice opponents who were there to play toy soldiers because that's what they enjoy doing and don't spend the day complaining how the rules shouldn't work like this and it's all Matt Wards fault that the book he didn't write is over powered.
Oh also got nominated for best painted with my Brets which was nice as they have been doing the rounds for some years now, but best painted went to Dan Quirk who regularly beats me at thi sand has now brought his brother along to rub salt into the wounds with his pretty armies too, didn't get any pictures because i'm rubbish but they are on facebook on the, A gathering of might page. 
Now back to the 10th company tonight we have a base coated and washed apothercary
and a basecoated and washed scout squad

and an apothercary with his first layer on to bring him up to white.
He's one of the forgeworld apothercaries  and he is lovely, the necron abyss went bit light whilst basecoating the scouts no idea why but it is the dregs of the pot so bin for that one , and we'll see how it goes tomorrow.
Oh and quick one my bowmen only managed to kill a goblin fanatic all weekend and there 5 point upgrade to flaming just gave every target they picked a 2 up ward save, i'll leave it in future but they've gone away now with the rest until i get a new book, now that i have a lizardmen book i can play without feeling like a twat.

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