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Monday, 15 September 2014

Painters block (or living with others)

Well todays blog is brought to you by management inefficiency and power mad little control freaks as I've been sat waiting to do a half hour job for the last 3 hours, so we'll have a quick update of where I'm upto on my golden deamon entry.

I've done fuck all, but I have committed to not painting another 200pts of stuff by the end of the month! Oh and armies on parade is on so I'd better get cracking at that too, all with Robyn now at university which is very time consuming, because she has actual important stuff she needs to do and a 4 hour journey there and back to the place where she has to do these things. Also assignments appear to have kidnapped the kitchen table.  So what have I done? Well I've made a movement tray for my glade riders.
 See, pretty, it has a tree!
And I decided that the wood elf horses where not in the pose I required so cut them in half and made them how i wanted or as near as i could get with out just sculpting my own horse(this is Robyns fault as I spend a lot of time watching horses now and my OCD needs the horse to be in some semblance of accuracy)

 The other thing I need for my armies on parade board and my actual army is three more citadel woods, now I have the bits of one from last wood elf book where you were only allowed a six inch diameter wood that I cut and laboriously green stuffed to look good, only for the new book to come out and make all this work wasted, and that I'd bollocks up a perfectly good wood for nothing.

Lets put it back together! Now when I cut something apart I'm not gentle with piece I don't need so there are sections that don't marry up properly (there's a lesson here) green stuff will required to fill those gaps.
 Right it became obvious fairly quickly that this wouldn't last with out support as I'd created so many weak points in the base structure when I cut it apart, so I stuck the entire thing onto a sheet of plasticard and modeled in the bits I'd either lost or destroyed when making the original wood. I then cut the majority of the excess with scissors and trimmed it flush with a scalpel.
 Added some dryad bits to the trees and some unlucky beastmen and sprayed the whole thing black. We are now ready to ignore this until it has to be done for armies on parade.
So with all this why have I not done anything on the bile trolls, well because I've learned that if I'm not in the right frame of mind to paint a model I'll only fuck it up so I do a little side project to get me going or the project will just stagnate and become a burden rather than a joy. This is one of the reasons I don't do commissions as that attitude would have to change and an actual work ethic employed, which I could do but would ruin my hobby and as I've got 30 odd years invested in this lets not.
Next time actual progress as writing this has put me in the mood to progress with the trolls, it's amazing what a bit of blahing will do for you.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Killing time post

This is just a quick post while i waste a little time and will be mostly pictures with a little blurb, we'll see how that goes.
 I've started doing red on the exposed muscles and boils and tears in the skin.
 I've used used Sanguine base and Sanguine highlight  both P3 colours to start the base mix and used GWs Pallid Wych Flesh to highlight that mix, till we got to what we have above. There are about five varying layers in there and after this i washed the exposed muscle in Baal red and the boils in Carrienburg Crimson (that may not be the correct spelling the pots at home I'm at work) I'm also kinda searching for ideas on horn and talon colours, so any ideas would be appreciated, I may not use any of them but they will point me in the direction I want to go.
I've also done a test with the Vallejo water effect which I am quite happy with and I'm kind of overloade with ideas on that front just not sure if they will all work, but I'll go into that at a later date.
 And finally the Xwing addiction continues not with anymore repaints but with other tat Xwing soundboard app, get it and enjoy.