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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

CONTEMPTOR! (it has to be in capitals it's that epic)

So a lot of stuff is being painted at the moment, this is mainly due to Robyn needing to paint zombies for the campaign and mine first 300 is done (all 12 models,  Robyn has 52 to do) so to show solidarity(not fear) I'm painting stuff as well. The saint got painted over the last two nights and now it's the turn of the COMTEMPTOR DREADNOUGHT and I thought, more actual detail into painting.

It's a well known fact I like my smurfs dark so here is a picture of the beast at base coat.
So this guy is going to be the second dreadnought of the second battle company under Sicarius, Brother Agnathio who is armed differently in the codex but i'm not going to do a faithful reproduction of whats in the codex just the general make up which is full battle company and two dreadnoughts. The first one is the old metal venerable dreadnought so he's in good company.
So the paint the base for the blue is necron abyss, the red mecharite red, the metal is warplock bronze and scrolls and skulls in desert yellow. I don't think at this point I'm going to use any washes on the dread itself but some will get used on the base.
Tomorrow blending! the dirtiest word in Robyn's painting vocabulary,

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