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Friday, 11 October 2013

More dark dobbins

If you've seen the pictures of the new dark riders you are probably as disappointed with the horse as me(each horse overbite is now being used in bugmans as a bottle opener), and the weird barding thing? dunno, I'm going to put it down to a Friday job. These however aren't what prompted me to make my own, it was the last lot of elven(my little pony may have got at my crack)steeds, especially when viewed next to the glade rider horses, hell the new ones next to the glade rider horses is still a "no your right" moment. The new dark riders themselves are nice but to be honest there wasn't a lot wrong with the last lot apart from the price so glade riders with dark elf torso and green sea dragon stuff cloak(there's a theme here, may have to do a dreadlord with crocodile skin boots) and away you go, bits of delf helmet tat for the horse heads and we're good.

Well tonight was more colour primarily armour. I've used P3 bighted gold on just about everything of late and decided to move away from that even though the colour would work, and i didn't want just steel, dark elfs are colder and sterner than there kin, nut they are still elves and elves love bling. i decided i wanted to do a nice beaten brass look and this is one of the few time were the picture in my head  was replicated on the figure worked a treat and made the horses look menacing, so heres some pictures

So delf horse without the dwayne dibblies or the crack pipe win, i even did the horse for the master in the next points jum
got the purple and green mix i wanted to so now thats one thing gone. All I'm really struggling with is leather colour, and the cobbles, can't decide how to do the hooves either. Well i'm falling asleep whilst typing so night.

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