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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Finally painted a present

Many years ago I was playing in a GT with my sisters army, this army was filth(you may have encountered this army as after that it's first GT it started appearing as a net list, I did not post it, quick summary 1500 points 9 faith points and no friends, one guy I played didn't actually get a turn 2) so bad was this list that when i played a chap from the studio who sat with Pete Haines the author, he said he was going to tear him a new one one about it monday. I honestly didn't think it was that bad I just wanted a sisters only force without all the eccliasarchy nonsense, seems I was right. Now I'm not completely innocent here once I found out how good it was I didn't tone it down, I just kept on cheerfully mullering my opponents safe in the knowledge that eventually GW would get round to giving me yet another white dwarf codex and relegating me back to the also rans. Anyway moving on and back to this GT I played against this chap who played my mate Darren in an earlier round who also had sisters but with all the toys a thoroughly nice bloke by the name of Richard Dagnall. It did not go well for him, but at no point did he lose his temper or sulk and instead of moaning asked me about sisters tactics and how to get the best out of his force, so we chatted and had a good time and asked about my army and why i didn't have any of the new toys then dissappeared into the hall to go do his own thing as I packed up my toys. He then returned with a little bag with Saint Celestine in for me as a thank you for the game and the advice which is to this day the nicest thing an opponent has ever done for me, so I decided that I'd wait to paint it, so I did the best job I could (this model has been sat in my box for a long time I get it out every so often think about doing it then put it back because I'm not ready yet.
Now it popped up again the other day when I was looking for something else and I couldn't immediatley find all the pieces so I started looking properly and found them all, so it stayed on my desk so the pieces wouldn't get lost, and it stared at me everytime I went in and said "ready yet" and I thought actually yes I am, and here is the result, not as Celestine but as a Saint of the Order of the Bloody Rose.  FEROX PIOUS

And here's a better picture of the avatar i posted last time  next to the saint to emphasize the difference in blending between now and then.

Richard and I have been good friends ever since and he is still an absolute gentleman, sadly I'm still a cock but he and Darren put up with me, thanks to you both and all the rest of my regular opponents.


  1. Thank you for the free publicity! I love the red, mine is the usual gold colour but my army is also the bloody rose so maybe I need to change mine..... What colour washes did you use?

  2. the only wash i used was drakenhoff nightshade,
    The red base is mecharite red, then wash then khorne red mixed with the new purpley red whose name i've forgotten then mixed with coat de arms version of go faster red and then khador base bit of blazing orange to the mix for final highlights
    The black is thamar black ,drakenhoff wash then thamar black mixed with coal black in lighter mixes till just coal black
    The cream robes are rakarth flesh, drakenhoff wash, rakarth flesh, then rakarth mixed with pallid wych then a bit of white added to the mix , traitor green for the detail work then white with mixing medium to finish off.
    The metal is balthasar gold, drakenhoff wash balthasar and brass ball mix gradually lighter but never quite fully brass balls and then add a bit of chainmail to final highlight.