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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Finished first 300 and a look at where I came from

So I finished the first 300 points of my campaign army and started thinking about the next and started going through the dark elf bits box and I came across this fellow.
Some one said to me you should keep your old figures, so you can see how you've improved so here's Khaine who when I painted him in the mid 90's I was bloody impressed with and I'd been painting since the early 80's and had significantly improved in that time and now I look at him and think dear god how bad was I.
Look blending sort of, so to now and these.

And these are not what i consider my best so what will I be capable of in another few years, I'll never be golden demon standard because well wow I mean have you seen the slayer sword winners of the last two years but I'm always going to after that best army nomination and  armies on parade.

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