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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Have faith for the final push

Well we have days to go and marines to paint, and stained glass windows to construct and the panic is on. Finished since the last blog are the scout bikes.
the quad gun
The propaganda posters modeled here by Blaise
which we cut out 
tea stained and scorched and applied to the board, all buildings in my terrain collection will be getting similar treatment.

thank you the internets for providing these.
I've also done my objective marker that sits in the corner of this building i'm now waiting for the second layer of water effect to dry.
Then we have the bolter squad
with an attempt of tattoos on the heavy bolter scout
I'm getting better at painting these brass etchings but I'm sure i would have done a nicer job free hand.
Finally the 10th company chaplain who is the new plastic chaplain who is a mighty pretty figure, as soon as i saw him leaked on the net he was going to be the guy for this company.

And you may have noticed in the background my servo skull tape measure has been attacked by base colours, well it's not remotely finished yet but here's where it's at now.

Next shotguns and more bolters, lamposts and hopefully a stained glass window.

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