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Sunday, 29 September 2013


So the day started with a small boy coming in telling me was wet, strip clean get in bed try to sleep a bit more. No that's not going to work so alarm goes off i get my shit together get in the car and go, as i get to knutsford services i realise i've left my wallet(and ticket) at home just missed an exit another ten miles further south next exit, turn round drive 30 odd miles home get wallet(and heckling from 3 year old) on the road again(might be in a bit trouble tomorrow when my tracker tells my boss how fast I was going) and get there for nine on the dot. Two lads in the car pack gave me a hand to get it down the seven floors to the exit and into the hall. Sign in, the staff are very helpful, and help you chill out. The hall is a sports hall in the basement of the NIA it's dark and dingy the lighting is all sodium and only half of it's on. My board looks gray with bits of dark blue here and there.
I went down later and the lights had been switched on and it was better but still discoloured by sodium lights. It was also down eight flights of stairs, with barely any signs you could tell no one knew it was there/couldn't be bothered with the stairs, you could get near all the golden demon cabinets. I can only speak for myself and the people next to me who had entered but our feeling was why should we bother next year, i enjoyed doing the board and it got my army mostly painted but the board is now in the bin the buildings in my terrain box and models on the shelf. I already had next years project picked and sorted but if I'm not going to go down it's not fair take that opportunity from someone else.(yes that is big headed but the idea for next year kicks the shit out of this years.) Pictures are in this facebook album
The armies going to get done anyway as it's my campaign army but the ship not so sure, but as I've said on a post today about warhammer forge, if you're going to start something you should finish it so It'll get done but we'll see if it becomes a board.

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