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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Standards to maintain

So a couple of weeks ago i went on about the 10th company structure and how there was no command squad as such for the captain just whichever sergeants didn't have squads would form an honour guard, there certainly wasn't a company standard was there?
Then a week before the parade day codex space marines came out i picked mine up on the Thursday two days before parade day, and on page 13 what do i find? A shinny new banner for the 10th company..... ooooh fuckadoodle doo thats not going to get done for parade day. I'll do it after,oh look it's lots of paperwork time, okay thats done right lets get it done. Cue patient zero(Blaise) introducing me to a new and nasty chest infection, more time gone and now finally over the last two evenings it's done.

Yeah too much flash there that banner is white, but not that white. Seeing this has shown me too that I've not cleaned up the edge of the base so that needs doing. Also did this over the last couple of weeks whilst waiting for stuff to dry, quite happy with it.

also way too much flash but looks quite rocking. There are still twenty scouts, fifteen bikes and two storms to paint which have been built, but I'm having a break and now to dark elves. Sometime ago i built a ship that i didn't finish this will be next years armies on parade entry as to my surprise it actually fits on a two foot board(diagonally if you don't mind the prow jutting out a foot, i'll ask the refs this year) but this is also going to be my army in a campaign i'm running over the next three to four years that builds up your army in 300 point chunks, so as the campaign organiser i can't really win, but I can cause trouble. The campaign is set in Lustria but i already have vast amounts of painted lizzies although i will be adding more toys next year, so i'm good for them and the whole point is slowly painting a new army, so Lokhir it's time to star raiding the Lustrian coast, First 300 points 13 models, well until the new book comes out in a week and all the points change. Next time i'll add the pictures of my building the ship  a few years ago and what i plan to do to expand it.

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