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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tactical Squad 1 and Kit Bash Dreadnought

So tactical squad 1 is complete and is shown in it's shininess below
And here is the sergeant close up
And the squad from another angle
and now to the dreadnought i came to make this dread  from the various bits of dread sprues i've had lying around for years, and couldn't find them all! COCK! Right then  i have a built dread missing pieces i have pieces, okay multi melta from black reach, WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T FUCKING FIT ON A NORMAL DREADNOUGHT TORSO! COCK! Razor saw, twat around , cut front of sarcophagus off , cut legs of cut more bloody torso off, fit legs bend toes, find shin pads, turner hammer into scythe, BOLLOCKS NO HEAVY FLAMER ARMS! COCK! okay cut off bolter find heavy flamer in bits box stick fuel tanks on back. Oooooooh Chain , cool doesn't look twatty. right attach banner, yep that works  NEED Scrolls. Got them cool and that'll do.
And there you go welcome to my thought process.
Needs shin pads sticking on but they'll go on once the legs are painted.

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