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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Dreadnoughts and Disasters

So i've been working away this week in the south west, which has been an unpleasant experience as the local  is deeply unpleasant and played merry hell with me. Anyway i finished tactical squad 2 all but the squad numbers and free hand.
And the sergeant who is the dark vengeance captain with a head from the veterans sprue.

Then i moved onto the drop pod that caused the biggest problem of the week and almost gave me a heart attack. So it started like this.
And i'm painting away, dry brushing on scorch marks   couple of pots of paint open(there's an error here)
and then the drop pod is quite suddenly like this.
And a pot of wurm green(really quite bright and vivid i use it for highlight) is propelled across the room and over my red hotel carpet.(i may have made a noise that defies the alphabet).  so thankfully it's scotchguarded so i'm pouring water onto the carpet and using my shirt to mop it up and its working, oh crap there's more over there and there how did it get that far. 
It's on my jeans and i'm slowly painting more carpet as i clean up these bits. So that realised off come the jeans, oh shit green footprints in the bathroom trainers in the sink wash them and finally done. Heart attack over. Time to put toys away.
Now i'm home so i've finished this guy bar the name scroll still waiting for that only two units left to do for friday.

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