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Thursday, 16 May 2013

And Finally......

Here they are in all there spangliness the Deathwing Kinights.
That is it! Army complete based, magnetised if i feel up for it tomorrow may add some weathering powder but for now, Done!
So Darren, Godin and Myself will be at warhammer world from friday for throne of skulls
Darren Blood Angels featuring obviously Mephistofex
Godin Dark Angels featuring all the toys i've painted for him
And me Justin Ultramarines featuring bikes and budgies(death from the skies, yes i cam humming ride of the valkyries whilst playing you, Just nod smile and pass the bourbon)
Full pictures of our armies from throne on monday plus other pretties and how we did.
And now i sleep until a toddler wakes me up with his face an inch away from mine night.

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