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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Armies on Parade

So the work begins the bikes have done me very well over the last few years, but it's time for something new. I have a shiny new Eldar book on it's way so my oldest army will have to get it's self back on the horse and off to war(dear god that Wraithknight is pretty) but i won't be buying anything but the book for now or nothing will get done.
 So on to the theme Ultramarines(there's a shocker) 10th Company is going to be the thing and is the new marine list I'm working on. The board is going to be an extension of the bits i've already done for my scouts and flyers so it will be imperial cityscape dominated by a big old cathedral, with the scouts clearing the Tau pathfinders from the area and re-taking the sector. I was going to enter this last year but with moving and work it was not even close to being done. Which is good because i got a look at last years entries and realised i had to up my game somewhat.
So piccies here's where we are at.
This is the base of the cathedral, which will be fully roofed with internal support walls, the this will sit on top.
The final look of the building finish should be something like this test panel.

So here goes lets see it get finished this year,and it will have the dual purpose of providing more painted scenery for games at home and a new painted army that is miles from any of my others. This army sets up no models in deployment, it either infiltrates, outflanks or flies in from reserve. But apart from two fliers and six marines is all in scout armour.
On the board itself will be more than the 1500point army I've designed, but all the toys that go along with the 10th company.

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