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Thursday, 1 January 2015

You there! Do something!

Time to paint the officers and the first painting of flesh so far on these figures and this is your warning this blog will contain disparaging comments about FFGs sculpts and figures, if you can't except this move along this is not the blog you're looking for. Okay every body set right then.

The hand and facial sculpts on these figures is piss poor, the jedi Diala Passil looks as if she's lost the ends of her fingers in an industrial accident, although this may explain why she doesn't have a lightsaber to begin with(when keep finger tips you can, lightsaber you may have hmm). Gideon Argus does not have a large facial scar, this is a mould line, and nobody has any idea what he's trying to do with his blaster but that has been fixed with a scalpel and hot water as for the hand holding the monoculars apparently kissing your sister is something of an issue in the star wars universe becaues those lower two fingers are one. There are others but those are the ones I had funnies for, so the imperial officers lets see what we have at this end of the gene cup, middle finger on the pointing hand does not exist after the first knuckle, middle finger on the gun hand I have no idea what's going on there, ears previous boxing career? and mold line from the shoulder up the neck that makes him look like plastic surgery. And there are the excuses for my piss poor painting, but seriously I intend to play and rum tournaments for the skirmish side of the game and if I have to £45 pounds for 9 rebel troopers those sculpts better be pretty impressive, cards aside that's £5 a figure which makes GW space marines a bargain. I'm not expecting GW level sculpts but I do want to see basic anantomy. Now on with show,

I've started by applying base coats to all areas the uniform is GW codex grey and the flesh is P3 midlund flesh, with P3 thamar black for all black bits and GW ironbreaker for the buckles. Another  whinge now the belt buckles, the first thing I do when I come to paint these figure is go on to google and search for images, basic research. All imperial officer belts have a flat metal plate buckle not a standard belt buckle, it's a little thing but it irritated me and I didn't notice it till I started painting it. When I get time I will return to them and green stuff a proper buckle. The grey is very light and this is down to them being ground forces.  Light grey ground forces, dark grey the navy and black security.
 Next thing I did was give a black wash GW nuln oil to everywhere but the flesh and GW reikland flesh on the flesh areas, when it had dried I picked out the eyes with black
 Firstly I will be doing the uniform and ignoring the flesh areas, I've started with a watered down GW codex grey to soften the shading from the black wash.
The left hand figure has a mix of GW codex grey and GW fortress grey this is the next stage picking out the more raised areas and continuing the blending 

 It is then  painted with watered down GW fortress grey on the raised areas of cloth keeping the blend. I had problems keeping the paint wet during this one solution is a wet pallet which I use but couldn't be bothered sorting out for three figures and one colour, the other option is a retarding medium which stops the paint drying as quickly and aids in wet blending I use a Vallejo one  It's good for little jobs like this.
 Finally I picked out the edges of the uniform(this where the photo research comes in handy as the sculpted lines are faint to non existant) to give it defined cut.
 Now to the flesh, I've gone over the the washed flesh with P3 midlund flesh  watered down again to soften the wash. You know from this angle he just looks like he has a bad cock and balls dildo for a hand.

 This image is a little bright sorry, so what I've done is mixed P3 midlund flesh with P3 ryn flesh to highlight areas, It's okay but I'm not sure it was worth the effort as there isn't the detail to pick out. Now the eyes my advice after doing them is don't bother as you have to to some effort to make sure that the left eye isn't on his cheek, but if you're going to try this You painted the eye black earlier when the wash picke out all the lines making it easier to define eyelid from eyeball now just put a white dot in each corner and you have eyes. Do this whilst you still have your skin mix wet on the pallet so you touch up any cack handiness(eyes on the cheek, seriously i made him look like he was having a stroke)
 Then pick out the detail silver pin on cap, and buckle GW chainmail, rank pins red GW mephiston red and blue GW ultramarine blue. Fill in the bar with the colour and then paint thin black lines through them to the appropriate rank
 And they're done.
 Two lieutenants and a captain
 And the story so far

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