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Friday, 26 December 2014

Dum, dum, dum, dum de dum, dum de dum.

Here's the crimson guard, step by step with lots of pictures. Quick note I am in my 40s some of my paints are in their 30s but there are near enough versions around and I just like these colours. Here we go first step for me with anything red is GW foundation paints Mecharite red which they no longer make but I'm sur they'll have a base similar to it. If you manage to get hold of any on the onterwebs and like me you're a brush licker be warned, they taste like shit.

 The next stage is done with GW mephiston red base across the cloth areas only.
Then pick up the raised areas with a mixture of mephiston red and ruby red, the first picture below is left hand guy before right hand guy after.

 Then with all of them done.
 And finally a wash of Drakenhoff nightshade which picks out red shadows nicely.
After that leave it to dry for a night and come back to it, then you start it all over again but with thinner colours and this is what should you get the next day.
 Now with watered down mephiston red start toning down the ink and blending here's another A-B comparison.(there's a theme here)
 And now with a a highlight of mephiston red and ruby red mix A-B-C (see showing off now)
 And finally just picked out highlights in ruby red(A-B-C-D will it never end) when doing the highlights look at the miniature from above and pick out where the light hits.
 Now to the shiny helmet(couldn't help myself tried but failed) This is mephiston red mixed with quite a lot of ardcoat about 50/50 mix this is the base for all the colours so you'll have to have enough to finish all the figures but it only has two stages.

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 The next stage is add ruby red  till it's lightened to the point you like then pick out the edge of the head band bit and round the eye slit.
 Finally P3 Thamar black on the staff and GW irongut highlighted with GW chainmail  at the tip for the steel pieces. Then paint the base how you want and dirt up the bottom of the robes if it fits.
 And here they are with the rest of the completed figures.
 And finally this is what I've been doing over christmas, This the ghost from star wars rebels which I really hope makes it into X wing and it would be nice if the crew made it into  Imperial Assault.

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