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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

You don't know the power of the dark side of the force

This blog has the rest of the imperial figures including the dark lord of the sith but first, I was involved in this, I had a lot of fun doing it and look forward to doing more.  This one is X-wing related and there will be an Imperial assault one in the coming weeks. And now back to that first up the E web blaster with scout trooper, bit of odd choice for gunner considering you never see one shooting one in the films, it's definitely a stormtrooper squads support weapon, but it gets a scout trooper in the game.

So  I started with a white undercoat again some pretty horrible mold lines on these
 So basically paint everything that isn't white black except for his middle. If you look at stills the middle section is a light tan webbing band I've used GW graveyard earth as a base. I've made the power pack grey to add some colour to the gun but keep it in the drab, utilitarian  grey of the empire, After you've done that NULN OIL it's not quite badab black but it'll do
 Now the guns in star wars are pretty uniformly black or silver not really much to play with so what I've done is add some GW leadbelcher to the P3 Thamar black just to give it that bit of a metallic gleam and lightly overbrushed it to give that worn look, this is where the coating has rubbed and chipped away from use to the gunmetal below. I've also lightly drybrushed the ammo box grey to soften the shading and pretty much left it at that.
 Now I've brought the white back up with a few thinned coats of P3 morrow white, you can just slap on one good coat but you're going to lose that shading graduation in the recesses, but this is boring time consuming and bloody irratating.
 Next to the body suit under the armour, one of the things  I noticed when researching images for them Scout troopers do not have the black bodyglove that stormtroopers wear, they have a dark grey looser overall so I brought this up with GW mechanicum grey and highlighted by mixing with P3 morrow white. Then i worked on the webbing which i was going to highlight with GWs Kommando Khaki, I don't have any  anymore apparently It's run out and they stopped doing it however the GW Karak stone is approximately the same colour and definitely a better paint as it contains some actual pigment( I know real painters paint with watered down layers, however you can always make paint thinner making it thicker is trickier)
 And now to weathering and bits of stick on static grass the ones I've been using are from the GW winter basing kit.

 You can see the other little bit i did was a blue glow on the top of the energy pack.
Now to the next toys the probe droids, these annoyingly have a mold line that runs through every lens on the head section do your best to remove them with a scalpel or it'll look shit.
 Again this the imperial pallete so grey you say why would you want any colour other than grey, what kind of anarchic miscreant are you? Off for social reprogramming you go now. Move along, move along. So GW mechanicum grey
 Then GW Nuln oil
 And dry brush GW mechanicum grey possible add a slightly lighter edging highlight and you're done
 So lets try something else, all the picture I found of probe droids showed chipped paintwork to bare metal below so I'll go through the easy way to do this.
Paint a black line in the shape of the chip or scratch

 Paint a metallic on top but leave the black visible around the edges this adds depth shows primer and undercoat layers
 Then add a little corrosion orange lightly stippled gives a good rust effect and you're done
 Then the lenses add GW ardcoat to your black 50/50 ish mix(whatever works, I've never measured i play until it looks right and paint all the lenses
 Take some red and add a lot P3 mixing medium (GW do lahmian medium which essentially the same thing but I've never used it as it didn't exist when I bought this, this is a bigger bottle however and has a dripper dispensor which is perfect for the job it does)till you make a glaze(the test of this I found out on you tube is when you put it on your skin is should run into the grooves the man he was right)
 Then give it another coat of ardcoat and leave it to dry it will become clear as it drys and the red will give the illusion of the glow coming from inside and diffusing on the lens. If you want to do the light bit of light yellow then white on top ardcoat
 And they're done
And here is ladies and gentlemen measuring of fuck you're a bug un aren't you and with a helmet that needs it's own anti gravitational field to stop him snapping his neck in high winds Darth Vader. Now prepare for the highly complex painting tutorial.

Undercoat him black
 Paint him black, paint the lightsaber red are you with me so far? Good now if you have any sense stop here.
 Oh, you to are an obsessive fucktard right then the cloak highlighting black is hard to do and not make it look wrong, white doesn't work it just gives you greys that don't fit or seem natural the best thing I was shown was use GW bleached bone or some other cream colour as this gives you a more natural shade, that was until I was introdueced to P3s coal black which a friend showed me and went there you go black highlight in a pot.
 The good thing about it is you can mix this with the black get you highlights and then mix in white for lighter shades and get a natural shading GW now do versions of it to.  below is the highlighted cloak there are no stage photos as this was done wet blending so no coat was dry before the next one was added which gives a more natural progression of shading rather than the lines  you can get from doing a shade letting it dry doing you next one etc.
 And again I've jumped loads of stages so here's a break down of what i did to get to where we are in the following pictures.

Helmet and shin guards black with ardcoat  followed with P3 coal black and ardcoat highlights
Silver on his sholuder pads with a black wash NOT nuln oil watered down black paint so there is no shine from it the silver is made from a light grey and a light silver metallic to give it that satin effect.
Pick out the detail on his life support box.
Highlight the lightsaber with a red and white mix containing ardcoat for the shine
The for the OSL (object source lighting) effect listen to this bloke.

This is the basis of what I did but I'm more impatient than him so I thickened up the coats  also the figures we're painting for star wars aren't the same level of quality and detail so there isn't the same kind of places for paint to naturally settle.

 Then weather him if you so chose I did.

Not bad for my first go at OSL we'll see how we go next time next Scum specifically Nexu (the big cat from attack of the clones)

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