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Monday, 12 January 2015

I tawt i taw a puddytat a cweeping up on me

Here we are for another fun filled painting extravaganza! Yeah probably not, but welcome to the show folks. Quickly thank you to No Disintergrations for plugging me very cool of you guys go listen to them here:
Now the empire forces are done time for SCUM. and Nexu(the big cat thats been on the joker gas from Attack of the clones.
 This is your cat
This is your cat on joker gas.
 Warning a lot of pictures of the same bits in this one, and here we go. I undercoated them white then painted the main fur in GW zandri dust the tail P3 bloodtracker brown eyes mouth claws and spikes black and then stripes. I find stripes easier if I start at the tip and flow back to the wider source, but I know people who do it the other way round whatever works for you.
 Then with a drybrush take a mixture of GW zandri dust and white and drybrush the fur till the stripes fade. I found at this point it was still too much cream showing and the white wasn't coming through enough and I'd lost more of the stripes than I wanted to.
 So I added mixing medium to white to add a glaze  it took two coats and it looked shit and shiny. So I added a drybrush of white and lost more of the stripes and started again

 So I added the black stripes again but a more watered down version .
 And drybrushed white in repeated thin layers, and there areis the effect I was after a better way of doing this would have beenwhite and zandri mix base, white dry brush, then stripes then light white drybrush layers till you have the look you want.
 Now onto that smile there is a lot of pink and black gum in the images like cats  so i started with a fleah base P3s midlund flesh.
 Then i added a wash of P3 midlund flesh and P3 coal black mix  along the gums
 And finally the black wash along the gums
 Tongue is black, coal black, and white in various mixes nowt special, you can now see the result of the gum mix dried and now teeth. I started with GW desert yellow(old colour) picked out all of the teeth start at the tip and  work to the gum.
 Add a bit of white repeat but not all the way to the gum
 Add more white and further away from the gum
 And even more white (are you seeing a pattern here) repeat till you like the look

 Then all the black bits that you drybrushed white make them black again. Add ardcoat to the black for eyes and talons
 Give the talons a quick highlight with P3 coal black and leave them. the spikes mix black and cP3 coal black and highlight edges and tips.
 Add a bit of white to the mix and repeat
 And again, then put a black wash to smooth down the tones.
 The eyes are really easy,  red and mixing medium drop on eye let it settle I used GW mephiston red because I'm really liking it so far.
 Then the tail P3  bloodtracker brown and P3 midlund flesh mixed and drybrushed start at the base and work towards the tip.
 And lighter and lighter till you get what you like. I then did a Midlund flesh wash around the talons and tail for where the fur is thinner.
 Weathering bits of static grass paint the edge black and away you go.

 So you may have noticed some Trandoshans walking around herding the moggies

 Green brown black and there is a plan with the colours that I've made up due to lack of information about these guys beyond hunters and slavers. Next time.

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