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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Next unit and lessons learned

So the first unit took way too long to do, and that was mainly down to fiddly bits I'd missed and getting all the bindings done. I'd decided at the outset that all the bindings where made of vines so they would be the only green  pieces on the models but faded due to the season.  This time I've decided to do the bindings first.

this has allowed me to be a bit slapdash and get all the shading done without worrying about hitting white bits or flesh. I've also done all of the base colours on the bases as this was another pain in the arse. I've then done the flesh base around the vines and clothing.

with this all done I put the base colour on the wood and the hair on the standard bearer.

and finally washed with reikland flesh on all these areas, the next step will be to highlight these areas and highlight the base, then onto the blue and whites and complete the model, hopefully the whole process should be 4 nights total instead of  the 8 the last unit took. 

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