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Friday, 11 April 2014

How the fuck did i miss that?

Here's a little update and a question are you as shit as me? I want to know here is exhibit A I've finished all the green bits and the flesh so why is this elbow this colour.
Exhibit B I've done all the dark blue I'm putting the light blue/white base colour on why are her boots black? I mean come on I've even started the outline for the freehand banner.
Anyway on to whats been done obviously the skin is now finished as is the wood grain on all bows standards and sword of the champion. This is a test if it looks good when the units done all weapons will get wooden blades

So now onto the next stage of basing final highlights on general  ground area and stones and flocking of bits of grass and then the first layer of snow using the powder snow flock.
this is the first stage of the process I've been using for snow, I don't like the baking soda look it doesn't look like snow( I'm originally from Saddleworth Moor on the Pennines, so I am thoroughly aquainted with what snow actually looks like) and I'm not using crushed glass because no effect is worth permanent lung damage.
So I use a combination of various powder flocks and GW's fibre snow  which is by far the best looking but would take about twenty layers to make snow.  First layer is the powder flock because this falls between the grass fibre flock and looks like snow in long grass. You may have noticed some large clumps on the tree this was as gap filler for the icicles.
The icicles are great but they are flat and the tree isn't so they look a bit weird without the flock, I've since knocked the flock down to normal levels and it looks a lot better, also do not separate icicles with your snips do it with your fingers. i tried the snips too start with and a piece flew off in the direction of my printer never to be found until it tears through an important document or buggers up the mechanism when i really need it.
And  here we are without clumping, the whole unit will get one or two more layers of fibre flock as needed when all painting is finished. The dark dlue is now done and the base is on for the white and the light blue, these are the same colour just different highlight mixes and steps.
See you later.

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