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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

If you go into the woods today.

Hers some progress on the woodies for doubles. The white and light blue is now finished.
and the cloaks are now completely done bar the champions who needs vines and jewels doing.
So I've moved onto the dark blue on the bodies,
and that is now high lighted up to where i want it, it's not quite as harsh as this photo makes it but it's on my phone under my daylight bulb. just looking at this now I've seen the musicians arm in the background and realised it didn't get the last two layers of highlight. That will have to wait.
And so here they are in their movement tray.

The middle guy on the back rank is too close to the guy on the left to get a cloak on, but will he come off? will he buggery! I wish i could remember which brand of glue I used on him because he's staying put the ankle was giving when i gave up and decided i might have to adjust a cloak.
Darth Vader faced my little padawan at disneyland, Darth Vader may have worn it a bit as you can see here as the Jedi master restrains Blaise before the fight.

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