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Sunday, 4 May 2014

New fecking book

So I have a new book, a better book, a balanced book in which from the quick reads I've had seems to be a book of no single list but lots of variety, no to wood elf armies need be the same except in one respect, it is a glass hammer. But it is a fucking pointy one. This however leaves me very little time for blah as the wood now needs to be bigger, so here are the progress shots of the waywatchers
Base coats and ink on all colours but white
Highlights on all colours but whites

First layer of basing

More highlights on all colours but white

white base colour and from now on front rank are in new highlight and back rank are in preceding shade

next shade down

next shade down

difference between shade above and shade below

next shade down

next shade down

final step

finish basing

don't go down to the woods today

So now left to do we have the spellweaver whi is now base coated and inked
and the woods which are now a full citadel wood not a six inch circle

and here's what you do when you have spare green stuff

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