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Monday, 5 May 2014

Yeah done and 4 whole days to go!

They're done all 1000 points and free wood and extra unit that i can't fit in now because the new book came out buggered up my plan but it's all done even re-basing the Brets so they match. And here are the last few bits, first the Spellweaver.
 See how she dances

and then the free wood

so that's them and here is the other 1000pts my Brets.
 Also now snow based so all done, if I feel in the mood i might do a new lord for my Brets but it's unlikely, I got both these armies on release and bought the army deal box with the limited edition standard for each. I painted the Brets six years ago and the Welves now and i'm going to finish the models I have and get some of the new ones and glade riders because, ambush! I imagine ebay is going slightly crazy now but paint what I've got first then some stags I think. But next a small break and some campaign playing. Although there will be much updating from the doubles or battle brothers or whatever they call it now.  For the Lady and Crystal Mere onwards to glory.

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