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Friday, 18 July 2014

Doing the impossible

 My friend asked me if I could do some work on his Bile Trolls to get his unit to rank up, he has 9 of them and uses them as Beasts of Nurgle in his Daemon army(yes he is a power gamer) and when he got married I offered to do a figure as his wedding present, the figure has changed and grown(power gamer) since this time to the point that I have never been able to do it. So I said not only will I repose them, I'll repaint and base them, partly because rebasing would give me more options to me for ranking up these monsters.
 So first step is to create a base for the unit I've used foam board and lined up 9 40mm bases in ranks of three and cut it out, then gridded it lightly with a scalpel, so I can see where the figures need to fit into.
Next I took the figures and removed them from the bases and only managed to snap off three of the feet, and put them in the box with the magic goop, if you have not used bio strip, you're working too hard. 
 Ten minutes in the goop rinse and whilst gently scrubbing with a nail brush and you end up with this.
A jug of boiling water stretching out limbs and compressing arms and raising positions so they interlock.

 That was Thursday night, and tonight I split them and cut so I could undercoat them.

 And finally here we are undercoated and still ranking up.

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