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Monday, 2 January 2012

So a bit of a slow month with christmas, i can't really slope off and hide in the corner when so much needs doing but it has let me get on with the mind numbing tasks that i need for an army. mainly the creation of skirmish bases as shown here.
They're a 20mm square surrounded by a 1/4 inch strip so when you put them together they are 1/2 an inch apart like so.
i've also started on the free wood here it is base coated  and inked.
You may have noticed it's a bit smaller that's because when i measured it diagonally i was somewhat over the maximum allowed(due to me being a bit shit) anyway i have now painted and flocked it and it loooks like this.
I think there is probably too much snow on here but i'll see toady when it's dried fully. I've used two different snow flocks for the effect. Treemendus snow which is a ground cork for the base and bulk and it settles nicely in the grass flock and Games Workshop snow which is a fibre flock on the top to give a fluffy look. It's come out quite well neither where what i wanted alone but the mixture has given a realistic snow effect.
The only issue now is that the water i mixed the pva with wasn't clean enough and it's coloured the snow so i'll have to redo the top layer again.
So any thoughts?

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