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Friday, 2 December 2011

So here is the first post on my blog, at the end of a long week in which i haven't even held a paint brush or rolled a dice in anger. I blame it all on the torries, as it is actually there fault(everything should be) so heres the latset thing i'm working on;

the purpose of this is for me to document what I've done, criticisms and opinions are very welcome(don't hold back i'm a big boy i can take it) but not the real purpose. This is more to spur me on than anything else and just demonstrate to all or none that i'm obsessive, irrational and smidge insane, see exhibit A below.
yes what you see before you is strung bows on tiny men and lots of broken tiny drill bits(one of which may have left a bit in my thumb, well we'll see what colour it turns and worry about it then) well tatty bye untill i do something else

1 comment:

  1. Hey dude!

    Seems I am not the only one with a new years new blog itch :-)

    Looking good so far and looking forward so some of your shiny painted models in the not so distant future.