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Saturday, 31 March 2012

New Citadel Paints a review

Okay so i had a play with the new paints yesterday here's what i think of them

bases, basically a pre watered down foundation paint that does not taste of suck. tried a couple of these good coverage don't have to worry about quick drying or brush death.
shades, a cross between old inks and washes again does not taste of stagnant water, a bit to shiny for my liking not as shiny as old inks think satin instead of gloss but again good coverage red is much more user friendly.
layers, basic paints, really nice coverage with these without the gloopiness of the last range.
Dry, gel paint, this was my favourite i can't express how good they are and they mix with the other paints as well if you want to shade with that colour
Glaze, what it says on the tin, really nice consistency the green i used was very good
texture. for their intended purpose Shit  you cannot base your figures with this crap, however for painting terrain i can see a use
Technical, none there so i can't comment
Metallics in general far superior and nix for far easier, htye are without doubt the best metallic paints out there
In general the paints are much improved in flow and consistency and although the pots are the same all the ones i used stayed open at angle where i could access the paint and at no point did i want to fling it across the room

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